Foto: Dominik Koppen

Anna Permesang was born in 1997 in Saarburg, Germany. She grew up on the countryside of South-West Germany near to the French and Luxembourg borders.
During school she discovered her love for fashion and portrait photography and started to work as a freelance photographer for fashion design students of the Hochschule Trier.
In 2017 she finished school and was simultaneously awarded by the Gesellschaft für Bildende Kunst Trier e.V for outstanding artistic performances. She then exhibited the work at the Galerie Walderdorff in Trier. Later that year she was invited to exhibit again at TUFA Trier as part of the annual exhibition of Gesellschaft für Bildende Kunst Trier e.V. in 2017.
In 2020 she completed her bachelor's degree in photography and started her master's degree in European media sciences a year later.
Anna Permesang expresses herself with a bold visual language, she strongly connects to the models in order to create honest and captivating series. Today she lives and works in Berlin as a freelance theatre and portrait photographer.
Awarded by
Gesellschaft für Bildende Kunst e.V
Europäische Kunstakademie

Exhibited at 
Galerie Palais Walderdorff Trier
TUFA Trier
UE Berlin
Internationally published in 
Die Tageszeitung (taz)
Kaltblut Magazine
Elegant Magazine
Picton Magazine
Penny Magazine
mob Journal
_Editorial QC Magazine
afi Magazine
Art  Of Portrait
Horizont Magazine
Scorpio Jin Magazine
GOJI Magazine​​​​​​​
Male Fashion Trends


Anna Permesang
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